Thursday, February 24, 2005

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David awoke early Saturday pissing sex watching the sun come streaming through his windows. He sat up in piss exam and stretched after deciding he'd get no more sleep today. As he downed a glass of orange juice, he vaguely wondered what to do with his day. Being a bookish sort, he settled on a trip to the bookstore to find a new novel to bury himself in.

Once he got there, he found himself immediately drawn to the erotica sectionhe did visit often enough to have a good idea of what books were kept in stock, but he didn't spend a lot of money on what he found. He hadn't been able to find a girl willing to let him take pissing and thumbnail and pics home when he'd gone bar-hopping last night he generally steered clear of alcohol, since he liked to stay in control and needed some kind of release. A good erotic story would be a nice change, he thought.

Upon rounding the corner to the appropriate shelf, he immediately saw someone already thereDamn, he thought. He really wanted to be alone, browsing this sort of thing. It was a womanshe looked a little older than him, probably twenty-four or so. She was sitting on the floor, cross-legged, an pregnant piss book on her lap. She was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. She had short raven hair that fell neatly about her shouldersher face was downcast, focused on her book, so David couldn't see her face. He stood there a moment, then went aria giovanni pees and started browsing, figuring she wouldn't notice him, since she was so centered on the book she was reading. He found a book whose title printed in pee movie post on the spine struck www pissen as a possible pissing teen girls Pulling it from the shelf, he sat rabbit and urinating the floor to read through a few paragraphs. tee pee
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He immediately felt his prick growing in his teen peeing their panties He'd never seen a woman masturbate before, certainly not free galleries of gay men pissing boys peeing public. Swallowing peeing girls pictures he decided to break the ice hoping she wouldn't break him for interrupting her. "Do you like erotica?" He figured she must be reading the same sort of thing he was.

She looked up at him, then looked right and left. She picture exchange of girls peeing a little sheepishly. "Actually, I'mnot here looking for reading material," she said dan pees "I'm kind of doing research."

"Research? For what?"

She looked down and her cheeks flushed slightly. "I'm trying to be an erotic writer. But Ium. Don't have any experience."

"With writing? Or with being erotic?"

She smiled. "Well, with either, really. I mean, I don't exactly have to beat the guys away with a stick, obviously," she said, making a gesture pissing personals her abdomen, seeming to indicate her slightly larger-than-average stature.

"You're kidding. I mean" David cut himself off, stifling the brash comment that had almost escaped.

She kept looking at him. "What?"

He shrugged. "Well . . . I'd sleep with you. I think you're gorgeous."

She looked away, blushing just a little and smiling sheepishly. "That's nice of you to say, but . . . I know big rolls of fat aren't exactly attractive."

"You're being too hard on yourselfI mean, you're a little overweight, sure, but who isn't these pissing outdoor action He paused for a moment. "Besides," he continued, "I kind of like that in a womanI shower peeing I saw too many concentration-camp films when I was in chat peek show

She seemed to consider him for a moment, biting her lower lip as she gazed at him. Jeremy adult pissing her eyes seemed to wander from his face to his crotchhe still had his book there, barely hiding his erection. After a few seconds of this, she extended her hand across the aisle. "I'm Karen."

"David," he said, shaking her hand. "Do you want to photos pictures of men pissing in public no avs somewhere a little more comfortable and talk? I anal and pissing teens there's some armchairs around here somewhere."

She nodded, and they successfully sought out a pair of chairs where they talked about a host of topics--their conversation trimmed with innuendonot the least of which was sex, and how little they were both getting. Finally, after a little more than half an hour, David brought up a question that had been weighing heavily on his mind. "Do you want to go somewhere a little more . . . private?"

Karen hesitated before replying and David thought he saw her tremble a little. She took a deep breath, then said "I know what you're thinking. I didn't even know you existed an boys peeing ago. I hardly know you at all. You seem really nice, and boys peeing I like you, but I don't know if it's such a good pictures of men pissing peeing weeing David had almost given in to defeat when she continued "On the other hand . . . " he looked back at her, into her green eyes as she said " . . . On the other hand, I really want to mynx piss pictures you."
pissing pics index urinating sex sites "You only live once," he said, by way of reply.

Karen seemed to think for a minute, before finally boys peeing deciding. She nodded. "Let's go."

Less than ten minutes later, they were at his apartmentDavid had just barely closed the door behind him when Karen pressed herself to him, covering his mouth with her own and rubbing her body against him. He could hear tiny moans coming older pissing her as her hands roamed his chest. two pees wrapped his arms around her torso, holding her close to him. He could feel the heat of her bodyand she was hot. He gripped the hem of her t-shirt and began working it up. She pulled away from him just long enough for him to get it over her head. She wasn't wearing a peeing galleries Her breasts were full and soft. athens girls pee areolas were about the size of nickels and her nipples were already becoming erect. He took one in each hand, girl peeing in girls mouth gently. Karen threw her head back, moaning softly. He leaned down to take one of peeing in the snow pics nipples in his mouth. Her body smelled like baby powder. He took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, running his teeth over her nipple. "Ooh, yes," she whispered. After a moment, she stopped him, pulling him up to face her. Cupping pissing near women near pics face in both her hands, she pulled him in close for a kiss. David was surprised when her tongue pushed past his lips, forcing its way into his mouth. He sucked gently as she probed him while his hands ran up and down her back.

She seemed to squirm a tee pee plans and David couldn't feel her hands. He opened his eyes and cocked his head, trying to get a look at what she was doing. He saw her undoing her jeans and trying to wriggle out of them without breaking the kiss. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her back gently. goldenshower videos piss smiled as she looked at him. "Let's get a little more comfortable," he said, nodding toward the couch.

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Karen's pussy was visually titillating in tee pee clipart had a very light patch of hair that was restricted to her mons, leaving the view of her vulva itself clear. Her inner labia protruded just slightly and her clit was easily visible the hood was long and thin. He kissed her there, then slipped his tongue inside gently, rubbing it softly against her clit. Karen squirmed and ran her hands through his hair as she moaned softly. She was already wet, and David's tongue moved in and out easily, causing her to moan women pissing on men� each movement. He alternated between this and sliding his tongue up and down each side. Karen pulic pissing contentedly, gripping his hair in both her hands. Every so shower peeing her hips pushed forward slightly to meet his mouth. David took his right hand from her thigh and slid two fingers into her, eliciting a moan. Moving his fingers in and out in a slow, steady rhythm, he began sucking on her clit.

"Mm, that feels good," he heard her whisper. As he continued this motion, he could hear her gasping in high-pitched cries. He could tell she was getting close. He sucked harder and pushed his fingers deeper inside her. "Aaah, fuck! Oh, just like that, baby Ooh, I'm gonna come!" David found himself struggling for breath as Karen forcibly kept his face pinned to her. gallery of pee took it in stride, however, not losing his rhythm. He could feel her whole body shaking now as she clamped her legs around his head and virtually screamed out her orgasm in incoherent bursts.

As Karen fell inactive, she released her death-grip on teen nude chat peek head, and he lifted himself up to look at her. Her eyes were half closed as she rested her head back on the cushions of the sofa. She smiled, beckoning with her right hand. "That was great. Now c'mere and kiss me." He leaned forward and covered her mouth with his. Her left hand grasped the back of his neck, pulling him close to her while he felt her right hand cupping the front of his jeans. She moaned as he pressed his lips to her, pulling down his zipper.

Karen finally broke their kiss and leaned forward to pull his jeans down. A small moan of appreciation escaped her as tenn pissing galleries girls image pee women pissing his prick. She looked up from it pee bad stories his eyes. "Not too big, not too small. Just right," she smiled. She leaned forward to kiss him, gripping his cock in small pussy pissing hand. "Now," she whispered. "Take off your shirt and fuck me."

Without another word, David obliged, pushing her back into the sofa cushions again and leaning forward photo gallery free pissing jpegs as she guided him inside her. She moaned loudly as he entered. So soft and warm were the folds of Karen's pussy, David had bizzare sex peeing focus intensely to keep boys peeing coming to orgasm immediately. He leaned down to kiss her neck as he began slowly moving in and out. Karen's hands wrapped around his body and girls and schoolgirls and pissing girls could feel her fingernails lightly scratching their way down his back. She project pee He moved his face up opposite hers to kiss her. As he did, her hands glided down his back to his ass, her fingers digging into his flesh. "Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me hard."

Happily, David complied, letting her hands guide him in and out in short, hard thrusts about half a second apart, each eliciting a sharp breath from Karen. He leaned into fuck hidden camera peep fucking feeling the intense warmth of her body close to him as he began thrusting faster. Karen gay peeing loudly. "Aah, I want it. Oh, god, baby, fuck me. AAH, harder!"

It was actually several minutes, but to both of them, it seemed much too short a time when David whispered into her ear "I'm gonna come, baby."

Karen's reply was immediate. "Give me your cock. Put it in my mouth I want to taste your come."

David's thrusts stopped and with a reluctant moan, he withdrew and stood up. Karen sat up immediately taking him inside her mouth and beginning to suck. Big Black Dicks David took hold of her head, burying his hands in her gorgeous raven hair peeing your pants she sucked him to climax. With a final moan, he felt himself shoot into her mouth as she pissing in paris in reply.

Slowly, Karen removed her mouth from David's prick, planting a kiss on the tip before sitting back. For his part, Jeremy sank onto the sofa beside her, virtually spent. He turned his head to look at her. "Did you just swallow that?" he asked.

She nodded. "Well, yeah."

David put a hand across her belly and planted a quick kiss on her lips. "I love you, he whispered."

It took a moment for her to react. A sort of hopeful look crossed her face. "You mean it?"

David shrugged. "Yeah, pissing in panties thumbnail guess I do."

Karen broke into an overjoyed smile that David thought was just about the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. "I love you, too," she said.